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Retirement Funds

A wide array of products for every investing need

With 12 funds under management in eight different categories, ranging from low risk / steady return, to higher risk / higher return, AGIM offers investment options for every investment need.

Solid Performance History

Having launched our first fund in 2005, AGIM has now been managing mutual funds and SMAs for almost a decade. Our performance record speaks for itself and is reflected in our rating of AM3+ by the Pakistan Credit Rating Agency (PACRA), denoting a strong capacity to manage the risks inherent in asset management and the asset manager meets high investment management industry standards and benchmarks.

International and local sponsors

Alfalah GHP Investment Management Limited is sponsored by Bank Alfalah, one of the largest commercial banks in the country, and GHP Arbitrium, a Switzerland based investment management firm, with strategic investment from MAB Investments, the private investment management arm of His Excellency Sheikh Mubarak AlNahayan.

While our strong local sponsor, Bank Alfalah, gives us tremendous support and distribution reach, our international sponsor enables us to follow best practices in the Asset Management industry.

Professional and experienced management

The senior management at AGIM have a broad and varied experience of the financial sector in general, and the asset management industry in particular, and have strong technical and professional backgrounds.

High Service Quality

At Alfalah GHP we strive to provide our customers with the highest level of service quality.

Sign on as New Distributor

Applicants desirous of signing on as a distributor for AGIM must comply with the requirements laid out by:

Institute of Capital Markets

ICM Financial Advisors Certification Programme is mandated for all financial advisors at various intermediaries in the capital market of Pakistan, advising for buying and selling of various assets, securities and plans.

Mutual Fund Association of Pakistan

Fit and Proper assessment questionnaire:

Form for registered service provider (Corporate):

Form for registered service provider (Individual):

Due diligence by AGIM:

For Corporate Applicant

For Individual Applicant