AGIML offers a wide array of investment options, explore this page to learn about our mutual funds


AGIML is the mutual fund company that creates your value. We provide investment solutions to cater to the requirements of all your investment needs.

Whether you are a regular saver, investing to meet the future education needs of your children, a large institution investing to manage your liquidity, or a retirement fund with dual investment aims of preserving the purchasing power of your investment funds, while maintaining a risk profile within acceptable parameters, we have an investment solution for you! Our product development effort focuses on both the needs of our investors, as well as the developments in the available asset classes in order to keep providing innovative solutions.

Fund Category

We are currently managing 16 funds in the following below various investment categories:

  • Equity Scheme
  • Money Market Scheme
  • Income Scheme
  • Islamic Income Scheme
  • Islamic Equity Scheme
  • Asset Allocation Scheme
  • Aggressive Fixed Income Scheme
  • Fund of Funds
  • Shariah Compliant Fund of Funds
  • Shariah Compliant Asset Allocation