Alfalah Investments Acquires Services of DirectFN to Upgrade its Asset Management Core System

In a constant effort to strengthen operational infrastructures, Alfalah Investments, one of the country’s leading Asset Management organizations, has partnered with DirectFN for the implementation of a comprehensive core system. In addition to a robust and elaborate AMC system, Alfalah is also utilizing the technological expertise of its partner to enhance the company’s foray into advanced real-time data analytics, a mobile application with a host of features, and customer management system at the same time.

Building resilient and sustainable back-end systems has become crucial for modern organizations especially financial institutions. DirectFN, a globally acclaimed technology service provider based in Saudi Arabia, has enabled numerous leading companies in adapting to rapidly diversifying times. Alfalah Investments through the newly acquired services aims to facilitate its Asset Management Core system to obtain greater efficiency while also enhancing management capabilities for the organization. The suite of solutions being accepted by Alfalah Investments is designed to solidify the company’s market footing through streamlining operations and provision of services to customers.

Speaking at the occasion, Mr. Nabeel Malik, Current CEO Alfalah Investments stated; “For a rapidly growing organization like Alfalah, it is crucial to accept diversified digital technologies which are precursors to changing times. With our footprint in the Asset Management sector growing immensely, we aim to create a stable and comprehensive ecosystem to ensure greater productivity that is also sustainable. As we embrace a revamped digitization strategy, the strengthening of our core systems is a top priority that we are fulfilling effectively.”

Mr. Amir Shams, Business Head - Asia of DirectFN, welcomed Alfalah Investments as a new partner. He stated “DirectFN Ltd. has over 20 years of expertise in the financial services industry and is one of the leading Fintech Giants that provides a new state-of-the-art technical solutions to address the gap that exists in the financial market in this region. Their collaboration with one of the finest Fund management companies in the country, Alfalah Investments, will help them transform the Digital landscape of Pakistan while simultaneously charting new ways to sustain its customers.

Alfalah Investments is one of the country’s leading Asset Management companies with a unique product portfolio to enable secure investments from customers while giving out healthy returns in the process.

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